Product design

WTSi is an electronic product development firm located in Albuquerque, NM, USA. Our customers are in California, Texas, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Virginia, Kansas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and Florida to name but a few.

We do what the others do...for a fraction of the cost. See more below.

What we do

For over twenty-five years, we have been designing, building, testing, and deploying custom electronics and software solutions worldwide.

Low-Power Custom Electronics

Our solutions include devices for many consumer and industrial markets:  health & fitness, biomedical devices, security, manufacturing and more.

Wireless Devices

We can design your device for wireless connectivity - be it bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, LoRa, or a host of other options.

Mobile & Wearable Devices

WTSi will design your product with sophisticted power-management for extended battery life and high reliability.

Plastic Enclosures

We design plastics enclosures that are not only aesthetically-pleasing but ergonomically correct for your consumer or industrial application.

Smartphone & Cloud-Based Apps

Our custom smartphone and cloud-based client/server apps provide for real-time data storage, retrieval, and display for your product.

Turnkey Services

Per your requirements, WTSi will provide the design, prototyping, and high-volume production of your product - including the packaging design and shipping.

Recent Developments

WTSi provides electronic product solutions for several markets: IOT, Health&Fitness, Industrial, Medical/BioTechology, Security, and more. Below are some of our more recent products. Please visit our portfolio page for more.

IOT - Worldwide Health Monitoring EcoSystem

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Cloud-Server, OffShore-Manufacturing, Offshore-Development-Support, Turnkey, Enclosure-Design, Wearables

Wireless Bicycle Safety System

Wireless, OffShore-Manufacturing, Turnkey, Enclosure-Design, Ruggedized, Wearables

Wireless Security System

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Offshore-Development-Support, Enclosure-Design, Wearables

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